Around the end of my time in Amsterdam, I was on a mission to get to as many Christmas markets as I could, since I was heading back to New York a few days before Christmas. ISN, the International Student Network organized a trip to Colonge, Germany. Even though I was amidst final exams I could not let this opportunity go to waste especially since I only had to pay 30 euros.

Once I made the 3-4 hour journey to this city the first stop was Cologne Cathedral



I love visiting churches because of the architectural design. Even if you may not be religious you have to admit it is impressive. This Gothic cathedral was first constructed in the 11th century and here it stands 10 centuries later, its  absolutely stunning. I got to go inside and climb up its 509 steps, and got a bird’s eye view of the entire city. The burning leg muscles was definitely worth it.

I also got to go and tour two Christmas markets in the city, it was so adorable. These markets had a mix of artisanal wares, delicious food, German beer, and glühwein(mulled wine).  I really got into drinking glühwein while aboard, I even made it for my family on Christmas once I was back in New York. For those who don’t know its wine warmed up with sugar and spices, it usually has a piece of fruit  like a lemon or orange in it to add to the flavor. It is perfect to drink when you have been out in the cold, it really warms you up.

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***Some of my images such as the front of cathedral and the images inside of the Christmas market, I had to find online. Unfortunately, while I was in Cologne I lost my phone so half of my photos are gone. Luckily, I brought my IPad and took pictures on it.***

That being said it was amazing trip, and I want to come here again an experience some more of this city.


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