Ghent, Belgium I never knew the city existed until my roommate in Amsterdam mentioned wanting to go. I thought why not, I am here in Europe I might as well so see it. All I cared at the time was that the drive would cost me 16 euros, it could be done in a day, and there was a Christmas market.

I took a three hour bus ride at 8 in the morning and by 11ish I was in Ghent. The bus stopped at some metro parking lot and what I saw was desolate. I than thought this was a bad idea, I should have done some research on where the bus was stopping and the two friends who went with me probably will hate me in the next five minutes when they see we are stranded in the middle of nowhere.  But then, one of my friends saw a crucifix in the distance and had the brilliant idea to walk towards the church and after quite a bit of a walk we found civilization.

The church we saw from a distance:


 And the awesome welcome into the Christmas Market

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I really liked Ghent because it reminded me a bit of Amsterdam in the way the buildings were structured but that’s where the similarities ended. Ghent is so much calmer and there is a really cozy atmosphere to it. It was a perfect day trip and I liked Ghent’s Christmas market a bit more than Cologne, because of the homey vibe  of this city. The minute I saw Ghent’s Christmas market I felt like I was in a town called Christmas(I sound extremely cheesy but there is no other way to explain it).



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