I Love Prague

It was 10 pm and I was giving my luggage to some guy from a bus company when I was in Amsterdam. My destination: Prague, Czech Republic. I took another trip with ISN because I saw it as a no brainier since it was offered at a discounted package which included tours, hostel, nightlife, and transportation. I knew practically nothing about Prague just that it is a city in Europe, where a couple of movies have been filmed in. My bus ride to Prague took a whopping 12 hours(eww) but once I got there I saw that the ride was definitely worth the wait.

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I knew that I was instantly in love with this city when I noticed that I could navigate pretty well in a few hours. I am terrible with any sort of maps so I really focus on landmarks, but it doesn’t always work when I am taking in so much information. I felt proud of myself for getting the hang of things pretty quickly especially since my hostel(The Blind eye) was extremely far from the centre.

I got in at around 9 in the morning so the first thing I need was a coffee and a light breakfast but what I found was that I also needed to add currency exchange to my list. The Czech Republic entered the EU in 2004 and currently  they are preparing to adopt the Euro in the meantime I had to exchange my euros for koruna, there was a 1 to 4 ratio between the two currencies. I really like food so this ratio was just perfect for that, I found that all my meals were on average 7 euros.



Once I was getting closer and closer to the centre I was taken away by this city’s beauty. I love places  that maintain the old architecture and incorporates the new into.

While in Prague, I went to the biggest nightclub in eastern Europe. It was insane how big the place was, the nightclub has 5 floors of different music, it is totally worth the experience. Would I go again? Probably not, I am sold with nightclubs by their music doesn’t matter how over the top they are if the music isn’t to my liking I doubt I would go back. That was the one thing that was missing, I felt that the songs that were playing was kind of basic. I think I would only go back if a friend of mine wanted to see it because each floor has a completely different vibe and you should go at least once.



While in Prague you have to go here

  1. Astrological Clock(you can see what happens when the next hour approach, it a giant cuckoo clock)
  2. Karlovy Lazne( the huge nightclub)
  3. St. Charles Bridge
  4. Prague Castle(there is also a Cathedral there)

Prague has much more to offer but if you don’t see these places you are doing Prague wrong. Also eat as much as the food as possible, the food there was amazing. If you see anything that says bohemian food that’s where you should go.  Fun Fact: the Czech Republic has had so many different names in its life time, its original name was Bohemia so bohemian restaurants serve traditional Czech dishes.

And two days later I was back in Amsterdam, it was a really short trip but it was amazing. In all these places that I visited for a day/weekend I really want to go back and see more and hopefully I will get to share that journey with you all.


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