After being incredibly busy with the end of my semester and Christmas, I thought I would take the time to write about my travels in Barcelona since I am probably going back there in a few weeks.

This was actually my first weekend trip while living in Amsterdam so I may have over planned for this trip resulting in me waiting over 3 hours and having coffee and french fires as my breakfast from burger king while in Schiphol Airport. At least I was able to make that time go by fast by getting some coursework done.

But once I landed in Barcelona, I found my cousin and her husband and had the best meal of my life at La Taberna Gallega in Port Olimpic.


It was a little cloudy the first day but I loved every minute that I was in Barcelona. I really got to see all of Barcelona because of my cousin’s husband who not only is a native but he is also a police officer. I felt like I walked everywhere  but it was totally worth it.

I visited Barri Gòti the Gothic district in Barcelona which is between the Rambla in the west and Via Leietana in the east. I loved the gothic design and felt like I really was in that era for a brief moment.

My second day in Barcelona was filled with even more site seeing but first it started with some tapas in the afternoon at this local spot called Celler ca la Paqui.


The food was so fresh and immediately you get the feel that the locals value artisanal  wares and food.

After enjoying my tapas, I walked around a bit and went to the sagrada familia. I am standing in the back of the cathedral were you see this distorted design probably representing evil while the front is highly structured representing the good.

I really loved every minute of this place and would have loved to do a internship or study aboard here. I loved the food, the architecture, and the warmth that I found in the locals.


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