When in Amsterdam Do as the Dutch Do

On my first weekend in Amsterdam I toured around the city with my Dutch friend whose mission was to have me try everything that is …. extremely Dutch.

So I will walk through some of the dishes I tried, which ones were my fav and some that I am willing to let them stay in the past.

  1. Poffertjes:

The Dutch pancake,  these tiny pancakes have a light and spongy texture and are the perfect treat to have. Poffertjes are always made right in front of the customer so there is no question that they are not fresh. You can have the traditional poffertjes with butter and powdered sugar or you can opt for some more sweetness and have other topping like nutella. I prefer the traditional poffertjes, I think it has a better taste because there is not a great abundance of sweetness.

2. Raw Herring:

Everywhere you go in this city you will have raw herring stands, almost like it is the equivalent of a hot dog stand in New York. Raw fish that isn’t sushi or ceviche is not my favorite but since I was in Amsterdam I thought I might as well try it. The herring is preserved in a marinade, and you typically eat it on a hot dog bun covered in onions with a pickle on top.  After having a few bites I did not think it was bad but I wasn’t really into eating the whole thing. I think the herring was good by itself, eating it with the bread and onions made me dislike the herring a bit.


3. Bitterballen  and Kroketten:

This meat treat contains a mixture of beef and veal  with flour and other seasonings. This is usually eaten at the bar with a beer. I am not a fan of this dutch treat, mainly because I am not a fan veal. Kroketten(dutch Croquettes) is a bit similar to the Bitterballen in that is also usually has veal but it is made with potatoes as its base however unlike bar food you usually eat this treat with two pieces of brown bread. As you might have guessed because it was made with veal I am not a huge fan but at least I tried it.

4. Beers:

At the end of the day I spent some time at the bar with my Dutch guide who had me try to Dutch beers. The first was Amstel, at the time I really enjoyed the taste of the beer but over time I started to hate, I guess my palate got better because I found that it pretty cheap testing beer.  The second beer I tried was Brouwerij ‘t IJ, I loved this beer it has a really rich taste and my feeling toward didn’t change while I was living in Amsterdam. Fun Fact: I lived closed by to the Brouwerij ‘t IJ brewery which I visited a few times and had the freshest beet I ever tasted.


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