Wine and Dine like a Spainard

My last trip to Barcelona was a little different in that I was not doing much site seeing  rather I was “site eating”. I going to show  some of these dishes that you need to try and where you can find a few of them. Starting with my favorite…TAPAS

Whenever I go to Barcelona I have to visit my favorite tapas bar Jai-Ca. It is definitely a spot only locals really know about since it always packed with Spaniards. When I am there I always have to order jamón ibérico and  cuttlefish, they are my absolute favorite tapas dishes that they serve.

As you will notice in the picture there is no jamón ibérico(it was on the way) but there is cuttlefish and potatoes topped with two sauces; salsa brava and mayonnaise.


You can find  Jai-Ca at Carrer de Ginebra, 13, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

As tradition tapas is going out food. You go with friends and nibble on a few different plates of food then when that’s all done its time to enjoy the nightlife. So after enjoying my tapas I went to El Bombón Salsa. This  bar has more of a tropical Latin American feel based off of the decor, drinks, and music. It is a great place to be with a group of friends who love to dance to Spanish music.

You can find this bar at Carrer de la Mercè, 13, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Now onto main dishes…two words…Arroz Caldoso

Direct translation is brothy rice; there is a whole bunch of seafood; clams, shrimp even lobster. The flavor is so rich it is defiantly worth the try.


We had four people at the table and we each took seconds and there was still a lot of rice left.  It didn’t help that our meal also includes appetizers, we were all really stuffed at the end of our meal.


Our appetizers included octopus, clams and roasted green peppers.

Even after all this food we all made some room for dessert, I was so busy eating my treat that I forgot to snap a picture. I think the only reason Spaniards have an amazing figure is because the locals tend to only eat one big meal. Mornings are usually a cup of coffee, than lunch its a 3 course meal and than at night you have tapas.

With your meals you can ask for the house wine at the restaurant you are dining at, it is usually really good. If you find that it is too strong for you with an empty stomach as you are waiting for food, I was shown by a local that you can order carbonated water to add to your glass of wine to simplify  your drink as you wait for your meal. I know it sounds weird but its worth a try.


San Miguel and Estrella are two popular Spanish beers that you will find everywhere. I am not into drinking beer too much but I got a beer with a strong lemon flavor that San Miguel offers that tastes pretty nice. I believe Estrella also has a beer like that.


Also try Vermouth  which is fortified wine, its taste is really strong and  actually complemented the seafood that I was eating. The vermouth in this photo happened to be really sweet.


And lastly, with every meal in Spain you finish it with a nice cup of coffee. Unlike the US were we would get a large cup of coffee you should  expect a small espresso cup. In Europe and in almost every other part of the world coffee is taken black. I prefer my coffee black because you can really taste the flavor and believe me the coffee in Spain has a really robust flavor. After living in a few different countries, American coffee is not really my thing anymore.




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