Hey there!

After an extensive hiatus, I’m restarting my travel/lifestyle blog, with this completely new page! After spending some time aboard I want to share my experiences with everyone and hopefully inspire others to hop on a plane, train, bus, car, bike, etc.  and experience something entirely new be it in a new city or my home town here in New York.

I spent half a year in Amsterdam studying aboard and though it was not my first choice to visit, it is by far my favorite city. I always had the notion that the cities I would want to study aboard in would be London. Paris or Barcelona but I am really glad it was Amsterdam and sad that my time there has ended (for now at least).

So look out for some blogs posts on Europe, South America, the Caribbean and some really cool sights in New York City.

I hope you enjoy this and that you get to go to these amazing places.

Yours truly,